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What is The SAFFA App?

The SAFFA App™ is more than just a technologically advanced and unique mobile application that is available for Andriod, Huawei and iOS mobile devices. It is a global platform where SAFFAs can plug into, at no cost. 


The layout makes it easy to use. It has been designed to include the majority of the various cultures of which the greater global SAFFA community consists.

Its technology securely uses the location of the device on the device, to dictate local/near-me content. Enabling a registered user to participate be it socially or economically with its local SAFFA community.


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What's new to The SAFFA App?

The SAFFA App™ constantly evolve and prides itself with over 30 SAFFA specific designed features, which enable registered mobile app users to find South African owned and or managed businesses, products, relationships, friendships, vacancies, properties, services-on-offer, etc. within a radius of 1000km from the actual registered device's location.


The features which now contains a "red location" within its icon uses the device's physical location to dictate specific content selected by the user.

The updated version of The SAFFA App™ now enables registered users to freely add a listing without any fee. Features that enable users to add and manage their own listing will contain a "blue plus" within its icon.

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Ever since the establishment of the first SAFFA community WhatsApp group dated 17th of November 2019, this SAFFA platform has evolved and united South African expatriates.


The SAFFAs-in-the-UAE was the initial concept. Based on several other SAFFA communities requests to be added to broaden the scope and concept The SAFFA App™ was born. And still continues to grow in registered users, followers and communities. The current global SAFFA network consists of 23 affiliated yet independent South African expatriate communities.

On the 6th of November 2020, the first version of The SAFFA App™ was launched worldwide, in January 2021 the iOS version was launched. In August 2021 The SAFFA App™ was launched on the Huawei App store.


The SAFFA App™ has grown and evolved into an international expatriate household name, with its unique and technologically advanced features.


It has been intentionally designed to simulate an interactive virtual society enabling community members to find and be part of their local South African community.


Our Achievements

The SAFFA App™ has achieved over 2 million app user views and have a global social media following amounting to over 100 000, which is still growing daily.

It has over 1000 registered businesses of either a SAFFA owner or managed business in the location-based business directory.

In November 2021 GrantEd Mobile Marketing shuffled its shareholders and obtained a corporate partner broadening its strategic footprint and resources to ensure that it remains a sustainable concept whilst welcoming Corporate exposure globally.

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